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DSC00483With Spring in the air, I, thought I’d use a gardening analogy for my post today. Let’s say you find a cute little flower plant from Lowes that catches your eye. Although small, it’s healthy with nice leaves and a small bud and has the potential to grow up to be a beautiful part of your garden. For that to happen, you have to find the right area for it, feed it some nutrients and water it regularly.

A new friendship is like that small plant. The first day you meet someone who you really like, you’re excited about the potential. You find out you have a lot in common and you feel like you could talk to this person for hours. Unfortunately, as busy women (and men), it’s easy to let that person fall by the wayside because you do too much already, right?  So like a small plant with no water and tending to, if you don’t follow up with that person, the potential friendship withers away.

But honestly, how many times do we REALLY meet someone who we connect with on multiple levels? I’m talking personally, professionally, spiritually –one or all. Don’t let those special people slip away because you never know where their friendship may lead.

good friend photoThinking back, some people who I had instant connections with ended up being in my wedding, becoming lifelong friends, spiritual advisors, business mentors or friends who I can meet up for lunch a few times a year and laugh and cry with! Any one of those relationships could have withered away and not added the depth of love and friendship to my life as they do today!

Just recently, I’ve met some new women at various local networking events or one as a new client and I liked them instantly. We followed up with a coffee date or me attending one or more of their events they hosted.  Or with my new health and wellness client who I met yesterday, she and I are planning to do a women’s health and happiness workshop together this summer because we just knew we had to partner together on something!

So keep this in mind when you meet a new person you hit it off instantly. Is there something you can do to see them again and get to know them better? You just never know what wonderful things may “grow” from it! Happy Connecting!


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Cher Vierra Knebel

Cher Knebel is a professional writer, blogger and founder of Living Happily Connected.com--a blog and website dedicated to sharing stories, happiness research and resources that focus on the positive impact of having close personal relationships and social connections. Join her community of happiness seekers and friendship promoters by visiting her website at www.livinghappilyconnected.com.

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