Coming Soon to Amazon in May 2020

Withering To Flourishing - 9 steps to Bloom Again After the Storm 

Cher Knebel's first book is a personal memoir of how she bloomed again after she and her family experienced a series of life challenges that showered down on them for a period of time.  While her family recovered, Cher was left feeling sad, drained, unmotivated and joyless. Cher shares the nine steps she took to emerge from this period emotionally stronger and with more clarity in her life than ever before.

 Withering to Flourishing is a book for anyone looking to move on after a tough time in their life or just feeling stuck in general. Cher's story uses a gardening theme, as a nod to one of the actions she took to find joy again.  Withering to Flourishing provides humor, inspiration and a feeling of connection – knowing that you are not alone in your struggles. If you are ready to bloom again, this book will show you how!