Living Happily

Our Inspiration

Cher Knebel, a communications professional for three decades, became interested in the topic of social connection when asked to speak on the topic of connecting at the holidays. In preparing for the speech, Cher found a treasure trove of recent happiness research articles as it pertained to connecting with others. Cher’s warm and approachable speaking style, along with the entertaining stories she shared, was a hit with the audience members and a new side passion was ignited.

The launch of Living Happily in 2013 was a direct result of that speech and  research found on the topic. While Cher continued to do research on the topic over the rest of the decade, the blog was put on hold until it was relaunched in 2020, after her youngest turned 18.

Our Approach

At LHC, we are passionate about the topic of connection. Our mission is to help others by sharing lessons we have learned and research we have read  to connect better with oneself and others. Not only does having a strong sense of self and self love help you with your relationships, it boosts happiness levels and can help you live longer. Research also shows that happiness is contagious - with all that is going on in 2020, that is something worth spreading!

If you have the same desire to love yourself more so you can have a happier life and better connections with others, then check out our blog posts. If you like what you see, sign up to become a part of our LHC community.

Meet the LHC Team

We are on a mission to share what we have learned to help others have better connections in their own lives and live their best lives.

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Cher Knebel

Founder, Writer, Speaker

Cher has been a writer and professional content creator for more than 25 years.

By day, Cher happily works as a Senior Content Marketing Manager for a local healthcare technology company. In her personal time, she manages Living Happily - writing blogs and books, speaking, and creating tools and resources to help people connect easier in their lives.

Cher's hobbies include reading inspirational books and biographies, gardening, and weekly dates with her husband Brian. They have two adult daughters and live in Southern California.


Brian Knebel

Marketing, LHC Writer

Brian is a contributing writer for Living Happily and assists with marketing of the website and related products. He has worked in the technology industry with Fortune 500 companies and start-ups since 2000.

Brian writes on a variety of topics including how other countries celebrate connection, male friendship, and parenting lessons learned from being a proud "girl dad".

A lifelong tennis player, Brian actively competes in regional and national USTA tennis tournaments and local leagues.