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Our website and blog were created to share everything we are learning on the importance of having strong social bonds for happiness and longevity. We include research behind why social connection is important, give tips on how to remove barriers to fulfilling relationships, provide tools on how to connect more and better, and teach how to care and love ourselves as much as others. We also share examples of happiness connection in action - in movies, the media, personal stories, etc.

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I am glad you found our Living Happily Connected website. My team and I have much more planned in the future as our website and online community grows - can't wait to share it all with you!

--Cher Knebel, Connection Crusader and founder of Living Happily Connected.com


Cher's New Book Coming in May 2020

From Withering to Flourishing - 9 Steps to Bloom Again After the Storm

Do You Have a Connection Story to Share?

We are looking for stories to share on our website of how people are living happily connected. Whether you have a standing date or planned a fabulous celebration or event that brought loved ones together, let us know and we will do our best to include as many as we can on our website (free editing included)!

Need a Speaker at Your Next Event?

Cher is available weekends and evenings to share her research, personal stories and passion for helping people live happy and healthy lives by improving their connections with others!