Welcome to Living Happily Connected!Cher Knebel, founder

We are a website devoted to providing tips, tools and inspiration to encourage people, especially those in mid-life, to enjoy the many benefits of having positive connections. Research shows that those who have good relationships in their lives experience more joy, better health and live longer than those who don't.

We curate the research, articles and books that discuss this important topic and share it with our followers.

We share our learnings through writing blog articles, an e-newsletter, and by providing other tools and resources that we will be offering in the near future. If having more or better social connections is something important to you, then you have come to the right place. Our website was created for you!

--Cher Knebel, Founder of Living Happily Connected.com


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Want to Share How You Live Happily Connected?

We are looking for stories to share on our website on how people are living happily connected with others. Maybe you have a favorite ritual you do with with friends, family or other special people in your life (like weekly girls nights, an annual trip). Or maybe you volunteer or are in a bible study group. Or maybe you connect in many different ways with a variety of people -  we want to hear it so you can inspire others!