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Withering To Flourishing - 9 Ways to Bloom Again After the Storm Has Passed

Cher Knebel's first book is a personal memoir of how she bloomed again after she and her family experienced a series of life challenges that showered down on them for a period of time.

While her family recovered, Cher was left feeling sad, drained, unmotivated and joyless. Cher shares the nine steps she took to emerge from this period emotionally stronger and with more clarity in her life than ever before. You can purchase it HERE on Amazon.

Withering to Flourishing is a book for anyone looking to move on after a tough time in their life or just feeling stuck in general.

Cher's story uses a gardening theme, as a nod to one of the actions she took to find joy again.  Withering to Flourishing provides humor, inspiration and a feeling of connection – knowing that you are not alone in your struggles. If you are ready to bloom again, this book will show you how!

Readers of Withering to Flourishing are loving the book! Here is a partial list of what they are saying:

I loved your book - it was all so good! It was like having a nice weekend conversation with a great friend.   - Val S.

Just read the first chapter and it's wonderful. It's a beautiful reflection of your vulnerability and optimism.    - Deb P.

Just read your book and thank you for the encouraging words! I really liked the questions at the end of each chapter and it made me slow down and think,  which i rarely have the luxury to do. It forced me to evaluate my friendships, attitudes and self talk. It was like cleaning my cluttered mind.
As I've gotten older, i have dropped people from my life, and felt guilty for doing so.
Reading your book, helped me realize that was EXACTLY what I should've done.
Friends are like fertilizer....
They either help you grow or they burn you up. 
- Kathy H. 

Started your book this morning "You have a fresh set of circumstances to create something entirely new that fits who you are now." ... Needed that as we are adjusting to our new life with our baby. Change (even good change) can feel a lot like a loss BUT it's also a time to create. Excited to read more. Thanks for sharing your story!- a new mom from Arizona

I’m half way through the book tonight. Will finish tomorrow! Authentic, honest, beautifully written, and so easy to read. Can’t wait to finish. Well-done Cher. Your journey benefits all of us! Thank you!  -Tracey K.

I must tell you, you’re timing is just right for so many reasons; what’s happening in the world today and personally for me. I just recently felt I could get strong enough to feel like it might be possible to go for my life’s dream and start to write again.  - Lisa M.